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Qsymia (phentermine+topiramate extended-action), approved recently by the American Management on control over foodstuff and drugs administration (FDA) became the second drug for weight loss which received the green light from the organization last month. We will remind that in June the FDA approved the use of the drug Belvik, which was the first fat-burning drug approved by the FDA in the last 13 years. Qsymia is intended for use by adults with body mass index (BMI) is 30 or above (obesity) and overweight individuals whose BMI is 27 and above and have the following accompanying fullness "bonuses", as high concentration of cholesterol in the blood, high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes. BMI is considered a universal indicator for the diagnosis of obesity. The FDA warns that the drug is strictly not recommended for use by pregnant women: it is fraught with such birth defects as cleft palate and cleft lip. Women of childbearing age if they plan to take xiliu, you must first undergo a pregnancy test. Individuals whose weight has not decreased by at least 3% after 3 egemesachno the course of treatment should abandon this drug, because continued use will be virtually useless.

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